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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, and it presents a significant public health challenge globally. Despite its prevalence, breast cancer in many countries like Pakistan, India, Iran and Bangladesh is often diagnosed at later stages, leading to poorer outcomes and higher mortality rates. Limited access to healthcare services, inadequate education about breast health, cultural barriers, and stigma around discussing and screening for breast cancer all contribute to this problem. At PinkDetect, we aim to address these challenges and improve breast cancer awareness and early detection rates globally.


The idea of PinkDetect was born out of our founder's deeply personal experience. The loss of a close family member to late-stage breast cancer, which sparked her passion for improving early detection for women of color. The devastating effects of the disease inspired her to establish PinkDetect, an organization committed to providing accessible, accurate, and affordable breast health education to women in need.

Driven by a desire to make a difference, PinkDetect's founder recognizes the importance of education and awareness in improving breast cancer outcomes. Her personal journey with the disease has fueled her commitment to educating women and empowering them to take control of their health.

Brains Behind PinkDetect

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Founder & CEO

Suha Lalani

At PinkDetect, Suha strategically aligns the organization's blueprint to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technological solutions with deep-rooted cultural insights. Drawing from her rich background in Biomedical Sciences and healthcare consulting, she steers the team towards creating solutions that democratize healthcare access, especially for marginalized communities. Suha's tenure at Microsoft's Healthcare & Life Sciences Unit and Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto has instilled in her an acute understanding of designing equitable healthcare infrastructures. Her commitment to mirroring global breast cancer statistics with those of developed nations underscores every decision and initiative she champions at PinkDetect.

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Data Analytics Manager

Faiza Rehman

Faiza is currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in economics at the Institute of Business Administration. She brings a strong command of Python programming and data analysis tools, including Minitab, Stata, and Dynamics 365 to the PinkDetect team. More than just a strong technical foundation, Faiza leverages her exceptional writing skills to weave stories from data and translate complex data into engaging and persuasive content that truly resonates with our diverse audience segments. At PinkDetect, Faiza leads the production of high-quality content across various platforms, ensuring its optimization through SEO best practices. Her talent for crafting compelling content, backed by thorough research, significantly contributes to PinkDetect's mission. 

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